Sometimes you just get lucky!


Esperance 377J

The decision to purchase the great herd sire of these calves was a gamble, the proof it was a winning decision is in his progeny.  When Barney Simonsen, Rocking AC Beefmasters, planned the mating which resulted in Esperance it was not a shot in the dark, but a well planned decision based on EPD's and Performance.  His sire, AC Black Bart 489/5 was a black herdsire produced by Rocking AC long before "Black Bulls" became the latest fad but his use as a herd sire in their operation was based on performance not color. The dam of Esperance, AC Gina 500G, a ** FORTY-FOUR 44/6 daughter, is part of an exclusive group of Beefmaster females that possess positive Scrotal EPD's. This is a result of the above average scrotal development of her male & grandmale progeny.  Because of the influence of Esperance we have not found it necessary to chase "Fads" to survive.  As Dr. Watt Casey, Albany Texas, once told me "the problem with chasing a fad is that you can never catch it and when you think you have a new fad has replaced it, just stick to breeding good cattle and you wont need fads"

Esperance 377J x *BF 7125 Embryo Calves


Over 20 Years ago we decided to produce cattle that need no intervention for SURVIVAL.  We don't assist during calving, we simply take a birth weight, do DNA for sire verification and ear tag, WE GIVE NO INJECTIONS.  At weaning we vaccinate with Triangle 9, Ivermectin Pour-On, and ear notch for BVD Type II. We operate under the motto "SURVIVAL-OF-THE-FITTEST". Hardiness, Vigor, Efficiency and "LOW MAINTENANCE" IS passed from generation to generation, so you can plan for it OR you can produce or purchase calves that have had so much human intervention that when they do get sick they have no immune response.  It is totally your choice.




Have you ever wondered why some Breeders only give you profile pictures to look at.  Must be a problem with their camera, "do ya think".  We are not afraid of front and rear views of our cattle, their thickness is natural.




Below:   35 Day old Esperance calves, they are born with natural thickness, strong tops, and clean fronts and underlines.



    Semen $100 per straw 10 straw minimum   
   Free to JBBA Members
Semen stored at JLG in California & Elgin in Texas



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